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Remote control P100 with LCD display and output RS232 (P100R) or USB (P100U)

The remote control in convenient for remote displaying and recording measrements. If you want to write a measurement press M button. The remote control remembers the measurement and sends it via the serial port. If the remote control is connected to the printer, the printer will print the label with result of the measurement and with the company name. The remote control has memory for 2000 measurements and real-time clock. If the remote control is not connected to a printer or computer the weighing results will be remembered also.

We add the free program AWO-PK to communicate remote control with the computer. This program enables registration of weighing results as a text file.

pilot pilot
Basic features:

Wireless or cable connected with the weight of a large-scale LED display (digit height 10cm) AWO510E or AWO510R

wyswietlacz LED
Basic features:

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